Cao Lanh City in 2050

Thứ sáu - 14/04/2017 11:01
Cao Lanh City in 2050
I love Cao Lanh City. I think in 2050 Cao Lanh City will be city " green- clean- nice ". Road, air will be improved very much, and Cao Lanh city will be a rich city.
   Firstly, the road is built with granite. It won't be rough so traffic accidents will not happen.
   Secondly, people have to be polite in Cao Lanh city. People shouldn't say nonsense words, aloud and shouldn't shout others. People should dress neatly fashionable. Specially, we can live in underground, there are also restaurants, hotels, post- office....
   The car will have no driver, on the car, we can install a map. If we enter the place we want to go,  the car will automatically run, we can work or rest on the car.
   Thirdly, in the future we will be using solar energy. Therefore, air pollution will reduce,  the air will be purifier for the factory. Anyone who litters will be fined 3 million dong.
   Finally, the government must help people improve their lives. There are no more slums in the beauty of the city like Cao Lanh city.
   Sounds great ! If you want to live in modern city like this. Let's build if from now. Cao Lanh city will be modern, friendly and safe.


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