A trip to Cu Chi tunnel

Thứ tư - 12/04/2017 11:43
My school I and had a sightseeing trip to Ho Chi Minh cityon April 6th . We  started  at 4.am  in the enthusiasm. There are 45 members in the trip. At 6.am, we had a breakfast on the coach.
Firstly, we went go Nguyen Thi Luu tomb and burned incense for her.
Secondly, we went to Cu Chi tunnel, a historical place, members has gone down the tunnels. This is a place to hide from the communist soliders, the tunnels are small and dark, we have been through them, I feel very tired but very happy. I learned more about history.
We had a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant, we ate rice, fried eggs, fried vegetables.Then we moved to Cu Chi Water Park at 14.pm, the pool is very nice and we played the waterfall slide games, it was funny.
Finally, we come back home at 8.pm  in front of the school gate . Although we were very tired, we felt very happy and happy, I hope my school will give us more opportunities to travel.

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